August 11, 2009

It's Another Tequila Sunrise

Did you know Glenn Frey of Eagles fame is a huge hockey buff?

Frey grew up in Detroit and was a big Red Wings fan. He was able to watch all the Hockey Night In Canada games. Hockey was his favorite sport.

When Eagles made it big out in Hollywood, Frey became a Los Angeles Kings season ticket holder and he even became good friends with several of the Kings players - such as Dave Hutchison, Bob Nevin, and Gene Carr. Frey even wore Carr's jersey on stage several times.

In Ted Mahovlich's book Triple Crown: The Marcel Dionne Story, Hutchison recalls a story of Frey coming out to practice with the Kings injured players, including Hutchy and Marcel Dionne.

"I got suspended and Marcel was out of the lineup for a few days. When the team went on the road, if you were injured or suspended you didn't go. We'd stay home and practice at the Culver City arena, the old practice rink we had. So I used to bring Glenn along.

"He loved to play hockey and would show up religiously, and at the same time he's recording these albums. He would get home at three o'clock in the morning, shit-faced and stoned, and then show up at our practice rink at eight o'clock in the morning - still all googly eyed - and he'd come out and play with us. He wasn't an NHLer, but he grew up in Detroit skating. So he'd come out and play, sweat like a bastard, and then go back to making his music."

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Nancy Kerns said...

Cute story. Check out this photo of Glenn on the ice with Marcel!

I scanned it from a 1978 article in Goal. You can download the article as a pdf here: