August 01, 2009

At Home On The Farm

This is Bobby Hull doing what hockey players used to have to do during the off-season: real jobs.

Playing hockey for a living has always been a well paid profession, at least for the stars. Good money yes, but nothing like today's million dollar paychecks. Players often had to get summer jobs. They didn't have the time to golf all day, let alone train for the upcoming season. Besides, they used to enjoy baseball more than golf back in the day anyways.

Hull enjoyed working on his farm. In fact, that is where it is said he gained his legendary strength, tackling all the physically labouring jobs, probably often while smoking a cigar as above. Why? The job needed to be done, and if Hull didn't do it himself, no one would.

"I'm no city boy," says Hull, "and never could be. As soon as the season is over, I want nothing but my farm."

Hull probably did not have to work like most players. He just loved farming. He grew up on a dairy farm, and longed for days of old.

In fact, Hull's hockey paychecks allowed him to buy farms. He owned a 150-acre farm near Millbrook, Ont, the 330-acre spread near Picton, two more of 100 and 110 acres outside Demorestville, and a half interest in a 240-acre ranch near Demorestville. In total he had over 500 head of cattle at anyone time.

That takes a lot hay to feed all those cows. You better get back at Bobby.

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