July 25, 2009

Brothers: Keith and Brent Gretzky

Alright, so you know enough about Wayne Gretzky already, but what about younger brothers Keith and Brent?

Keith never did make it to the NHL. But he did get on the cover of The Hockey News, and a spot in Sports Illustrated's Faces In The Crowd when he was 13. He also stole the spotlight in this 1981 7-Up commercial starring both him and Wayne.

Brent did briefly. His career as the "Not As Great One" lasted 13 games. But in that time he scored 1 goal and 3 assists for 4 points. In doing so he made sure the Gretzkys were the highest scoring pair of brothers in NHL history. Well, I guess Wayne, who left home when Brent was just three years old, helped a little too.

Wayne has another brother, Glen. Try as he might, he never really could play hockey. He was born with a club foot and it hurt too much to skate. But boy did he ever try. Here's what father Walter Gretzky said in the Terry Jones book The Great Gretzky.

"I thought none of the kids would top Wayne when it came to work. Wayne would be out on the rink in the backyard when other kids were going to the movies. He was an incredibly hard worker. All the kids are hard workers. But Glen works even a little harder. I'll look out at the rink when the rest of the kids have gone in because it's too cold out. And he'll still be there, skating around those pylons."

Last I had heard Glen was serving with the Wayne Gretzky Foundation.

Wayne also has one sister, Kim, who nowadays is a health care worker. She was quite the track and field star back in her younger days.

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Kevin aka "yathehabsrule" said...

Yes Glen is heavily involved with Wayne's foundation, most recently at the Gretzky Golf Classic.

Brent is the Coyotes' Director of Amateur Scouting.

He also was an Allan cup winner in 2008 with the Brantford Blast (Major League Hockey)