July 12, 2009

Brothers: Henri and Rocket Richard. Oh Yeah, Claude, Too!

Maurice Richard and his much younger brother Henri Richard, both Hockey Hall of Famers, may be the best one-two brother punch in hockey history.

But did you know the Rocket and the Pocket Rocket had another hockey playing brother?

Claude Richard, dubbed the Vest Pocket Rocket, is pictured above to the left of his famous brothers. This rare photo of three Richards together on the ice came from training camp in 1959.

Claude was 16 years younger than Maurice, and one year younger than Henri. Claude never cracked the Montreal line up. He was said to be a good scorer in the Hull-Ottawa area where he played senior hockey. But he was too slow of a skater to play NHL hockey in the 1950s.

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LJC said...

On apprend chaque jour quelque chose de nouveau! I never knew about Claude Richard. That's great. - Louis