July 18, 2009

Brothers: Bill and Bun Cook

Teaming together with the elegant Frank Boucher, brothers Bill and Bun Cook dominated the National Hockey League. They were so good that old time hockey fans would tell you the great Soviet lines of 1970s and 1980s were similar in style to Boucher and the Cooks.

Bill Cook was the Rangers first goal scorer, first captain, and first Hall of Famer led the Rangers to their first Stanley Cup. Though he is long forgotten, some have said he may have been the greatest right winger of all time. Better even than Maurice Richard or Gordie Howe!

While Bill was the sniper and Boucher was the playmaker, Bun Cook was the glue of the line. He was a real innovative player, generally credited with inventing the drop pass.

Very good for you if you already knew of the Cook brothers. But even hockey's diehard history buffs forget that there was a third Cook brother. Bud Cook only played in 51 NHL games.

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Scotty Hockey said...

Frank Boucher's book When The Rangers Were Young spoke of the Cooks in quite flattering terms (of course). He ranked 'em among the best in the league for over a decade (of course). What a good friend/teammate ...