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April 13, 2009

Kent Douglas, 73, Dies Of Cancer

This piece of news was hidden in Bruce Dowbiggin's article in the Calgary Herald:
RIP: Kent Douglas, 1962 Calder Trophy winner who used the largest stick in history, passed away peacefully at his home in Wasaga Beach, Ont., at age 73, following a battle with cancer. He was the first defenceman to win the rookie award and a loyal friend.
Douglas was a pretty good defenseman in his day, but ultimately the type of defenseman that history tends to forget.

I really think a great modern comparable player is Willie Mitchell of the Vancouver Canucks. From the defensive game plan to the physicality to the long, long stick, they are very much the same player in different eras.

Here's more on Kent Douglas' career.

1 comment:

Kashclicks said...

I don't like your comments.
You don't compare someone who is gone and who was a trophy winner in a six team league to anyone called Willie Mitchell or anyone else like that.
Very disrespectful.

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