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April 09, 2009

Curtis Joseph Ties NHL Record For All Time Losses

On the night Brad May played his 1000th NHL game, Curtis Joseph tied Gump Worsley's NHL record for most losses in a career with 352.

It appears unlikely that Joseph will get a chance to set the new record. He is not expected to start the Leafs final game on Saturday. The 41 year old is an unrestricted free agent and not expected to play next season.

While having the most losses in NHL history is not a record anyone really wants to have, ultimately it is a testament to Joseph's teams rather than him. After all, Joseph also has 454 wins, fourth best in NHL history, and world championship and Spengler Cup gold medals.

1 comment:

Martin ITFOR said...

You have to be a good goaltender to reach this plateau... Most defeat in a season is a bad record, hello Gary Smith, but you have to get some kind of success somewhere to do that

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