April 15, 2009

2009 Stanley Cup Prediction: Boston Bruins Will Win The Stanley Cup

The picture above is of the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup parade back on May 1st, 1970. Sitting in the car wearing a black shirt and sunglasses is Bobby Orr.

The Bruins would have another Stanley Cup parade in 1972, the last time championship t-shirts were printed in Boston.

Will they have another Stanley Cup parade in 2009? To my own surprise, I am going to pick the Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup.

I keep racking my head trying to figure out the first round. In fact, I would not be surprised by any outcome in round one, except the Boston - Montreal series. I believe the Bruins will defy history and oust Les Canadiens.

That leaves everyone else quite literally battling it out, especially in the west. Quite frankly, I think it is so wide open this year that all the over-analysis in the world, and there is so much of it going on in the last couple of days, gets us absolutely nowhere.

So for my official prediction I'm going to ignore the prognasticators and pick the top two teams from each conference. Boston and San Jose will meet in the finals. I think San Jose is the better team but I'll give Boston the edge only because I think they will have an easier path to the finals.

I am completely and unequivocally not confident in making this prediction.

Here's some thoughts on each of the series in round one. Remember, I honestly would not be surprised by any outcome.

Eastern Conference

Boston vs. Montreal - Hockey really has been a young man's game lately, if not always. Boston has lots of young guns. Inexperience will not be a factor against Montreal.

Washington vs. NY Rangers - Watching Avery vs Ovechkin may be the biggest matchup of the first round. I hope Ovechkin not only lights up the scoreboard, but is the hero who finally puts Avery in his place. That being said, Avery has sure been effective back in Manhattan, hasn't he?!

New Jersey vs. Carolina - I lean towards Carolina here. They're incredibly hot, while New Jersey has sputtered of late. I think the Devils can turn it on, but I like the 'Canes.

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh - The general consensus seems to favor the Pens, and I really hope for Sidney Crosby's legacy the Pens can go a long way. But Philly is just the team to stop last year's Stanley Cup finalists. Mike Richards is a hockey player's hockey player. Can Martin Biron get the job done though?

Western Conference

San Jose vs. Anaheim - The first all-California playoff series since 1969. I think if there is a team to knock off the Sharks in round one it would be the suddenly mighty Ducks of Anaheim. That being said, San Jose's real season start now. They have to win.

Detroit vs. Columbus - Columbus split the regular season series with Detroit. They have the hot young goalie in Steve Mason, and they are coached by none-other than Ken Hitchcock. Throw in Detroit's goaltending woes, and the Red Wings seem ripe for the picking. But if there is one thing recent history should have taught us it is to never, ever bet against the Red Wings.

Vancouver vs. St. Louis - Long time readers of mine know the Canucks are still dear to my heart. I want to see them do well for the sake of the long time players, such as Ohlund and the Sedins. But St. Louis is red hot, and they have a heck of a team. Two years from now they will be true Stanley Cup contenders. In the meantime they are happy to be in the playoffs. Under Andy Murray's guidance they are extremely dangerous in round one. I've felt Murray may be the best coach in the business for a few years now.

Chicago vs. Calgary - As much as I want to see Jarome Iginla (and Adrian Aucoin) lift the Stanley Cup over his head, I can not like Calgary. Maybe it's because I grew up a Canucks and Oilers fan, and the Flames were always the bad guys. Maybe it's because I have never liked Todd Bertuzzi or Mike Keenan. For whatever reason I can't cheer for the Flames unless they are Canada's last chance. And I do like Chicago's youth, coaching staff and chances in round one.


Tambland said...

I don't know if Boston can win the cup, but they're definitely going to 'bruin' the Canadiens' anniversary celebration.

The bloggers over at stayclassy.net have some interesting opinions about how the quarterfinals are going to play out.

Anonymous said...

Boston will win, only if Detroit knocks off San Jose. Boston does not match up well with San Jose, but matches very well with a less physical Detroit team.

My prediction, Boston in 6 over Detroit

Washington and San Jose might not make it out of first round. Watch out for the Rangers

Anonymous said...

Who cares who they play in the finals? Detroit skates to victory in 5.

Anonymous said...

Detroit will win the Stanley Cup this season. After being an avid season ticket holder of the Avalanche for the past 13 years, I know quite a bit about hockey. I have watched both Boston and Detroit dominate their first rounds so far. However, Detroit has got guts, experience, and loads of talent to knock off the favorite Boston. Detroit in 5 or 6

Anonymous said...

the wings will not get passed the second round this year! having such an easy first round, they will go to game 5 and loose!!!

Anonymous said...

Bruins have the skill to compete and the will to win especially with the puck wizard a.k.a. Marc Savard, and the pick-pocketer Phil Kessel, and the tick-tack-goal routine with Michael Ryder and David Krejei. And even though Detroit has the Datsyuk, Zetterburgh, and Hossa line, the Bruins defense of Chara, Wideman, Stuart, Nhidy, Ward, and Montador (Hunwick out for season for splean removal) will shut the Detroit power line down. Bruins over Detroit in 6 games.

Anonymous said...

van city will win over boston in 7 games

randomfan said...

Detroit Red Wings will win probably. Boston isn't even in the finals. It's Wings vs Pens. Detoit is the better team. Whoever said that detroit is less physical you have been mistaken.