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March 24, 2009

Top Ten Hockey Trivia Questions

Through the wonders of email I recently was reconnected with an old friend from high school. We got into a little trivia tussle, trying to one up one another with some hockey humdingers.

Conveniently, we posed five questions each, which adds up to ten, which makes for an easy Top Ten list! Post your answers in the comments. I will post all answers in the comments late tonight.

1. Who hold the Oilers record for most shutouts in a career?

2. Who is the only player in NHL history to be drafted twice in the first round, by different teams, in different years? Hint, he's still playing in the NHL and is a D-Man.

3. Who was the first Swedish captain in NHL history?

4. The first official NHL draft commenced in 1969. From then until now, how many brothers have been picked in the 1st Round - 1st, 2nd, or 3rd overall? There are 4 pairs and 3 pairs were picked in different drafts.

Bonus Question: There is also 1 set of first cousins that you could add to this list.

5. What do Patrick Marleau, Eric Staal, Dan Boyle, Marc Savard and Nathan Horton all have in common? Hint: It's something they never did.

6. What former NHL player shares the exact same birth date as Mario Lemieux?

7. Who was the last goalie in the NHL to play without a mask?

8. Which of these superstars did NOT have a brother who also played in the NHL?
  • Gordie Howe
  • Mario Lemieux
  • Bryan Trottier
  • Patrick Roy
  • Ray Bourque
9. Three retired players have scored 50 or more career short-handed goals. One was Wayne Gretzky. Name the other two.

10. Two retired goalies are tied with the most goals against in a career (regular season) with 2756. Name one of them.


Robert L said...

1 - Tommy Salo
2 - Nick Boynton
3 - Thomas Steen
4 - Daniel and Henrik Sedin, Wayne and Dave Babych, Pierre and Sylvain Turgeon, Eric and Jordan Staal. (The Niedermayer brothers also, maybe?) The cousins are Scott and Joe Thornton.
5 - Marleau, Staal, Boyle, Savard and Horton never player for Team Canada at the Olympics?
6 - Patrick Roy
7 - Andy Brown, Pittsburgh 1974-75
8 - Ray Bourque (Vic Howe, Alain Lemieux, Rocky Trottier, Stephane Roy)
9 - Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier
10 - Grant Fuhr, Gilles Meloche

Nathan said...

#5 - Those players never played in the minors.

Robert L said...

Savard played with the Rangers minor league affiliate at the start of his career.

Paul said...

Is number 5 that they've never been in a fight in the NHL?

Lars-Erik Sjoberg was the first Swedish captain, wasn't he?

Robert L said...

Paul, you're right on number 5.

Joe Pelletier said...

My bad....I neglected to give the answer's last night.

Robert has most of the answers correct.

1. Tommy Salo

2. Nick Boynton

3. Lars Erik Sjoberg

4. Sedins, Babychs, Staals, Turgeons.

Nobody took a shot at the cousins - Joe and Scott Thornton.

5. There are probably a whole lot of correct answers, but the one my buddy and I were bandying about was none of them were good enough as junior players to play for Canada at the WJC.

6. Patrick Roy

7. Andy Brown

8. Ray Bourque (but, former NHLer Phil Bourque, no relation in any way, does have a brother who lives in Boston named Ray.)

9. Messier and Yzerman

10. Fuhr, Meloche

Robert L said...

Joe, I did name the cousins, and only a braincramp typo cost me getting #5 right. Close though!

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