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February 04, 2009

Hockey Theme Song Out Of Place On TSN

Is it just me or has the Hockey Night In Canada theme song lost it's luster now that is on TSN?

They have completely over used the jingle, playing it at every opportunity. And they gave it a terrible accompanying video montage.

Meanwhile CBC has come up with a catchy tune which I think I might actually like better.

There is just something magical about Hockey Night In Canada. Take the original theme away and play it elsewhere and it is just not quite the same. Meanwhile HNIC brings in a new song, handles it properly, and it voila, an instant classic.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way. Here's what Don Cherry had to say in his book Don Cherry's Stories and Stuff:
I have to tell ya, I love the song and I wish we still had it. I guess the other people offered more money. ... I kinda related it to me in a way. I've been with the CBC for over twenty years and the song has been with us for over forty years.

I must admit my twenty years have been a rocky ride sometimes, what with the seven-second delay and things like that. One boss — who is now gone by the way — called me "reprehensible" and "despicable." ...

My years on Hockey Night in Canada have been a lot of fun, but at times, no bed of roses. I will admit now that I was thinking of leaving ... I was offered more money and a longer contract, and when someone explained to me what "reprehensible" and "despicable" meant, I thought I would grab the money and run, like the people who own the song did.

But I got to thinking, the only reason the other company wants me was that I was — and am — on HNIC. If I hadn't made HNIC and become semi-famous, they wouldn't want me.

In my opinion, this song is in the same situation. The song would be nothin' if it wasn't on HNIC. Sure I love it, and everybody loves it. But I love it because it was on HNIC.

It's just like me. If I wasn't on HNIC, I'd just be another broken-down hockey player. In my opinion, without the song being on HNIC, it would be just another jingle.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I have to agree the song is not the same and TSN has totally destroyed this song. Whenever they play it they always play their own stupid montage after with someone tying up their skates. Just awful.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well. TSN / CTV have ruined this song. I don't now how many times they're going to try to record different versions but they don't seem to get it. That's the song that means it's Saturday Night and it's 7pm EST / 4pm PST and it's Hockey Night in Canada from coast to coast. Not time for McGuire and the monkey ...

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