January 02, 2009

Hockey Canada's Alumni Brings Back 1988 World Junior Team

The following press release is courtesy of Hockey Canada:

Members of Canada’s 1988 National Junior Team – which won gold at the 1988 IIHF World Junior Championship in Moscow – have been introduced as the original members of the Team Canada Alumni Association (TCAA).

The Hockey Canada Foundation announced the launch of the Team Canada Alumni Association on Wednesday, December 31 in Ottawa, ON. The program has been set up to bring together all Team Canada alumni, including players, coaches and support staff. A private website has been created for the Team Canada Alumni Association and members will be able to re-connect with former teammates and staff online. Members will be kept up-to-date on Team Canada events and will have the opportunity to work with the Hockey Canada Foundation to give back to grassroots hockey.

“We’re thrilled today to announce the launch of the Team Canada Alumni Association,” says David Andrews, president and CEO of the American Hockey League, who was instrumental in the creation of the TCAA. “Our goals are to recognize the contribution of all Team Canada alumni, be it players, coaches or support staff, and to give those people the chance to re-connect with old friends. Members will also get the chance to take leadership roles in giving back to the grassroots of the game.”

At a press conference on Wednesday in Ottawa, Hockey Canada welcomed members of Canada’s championship team from the 1988 IIHF World Junior Championship.

In attendance were:
Defencemen: Greg Hawgood, Chris Joseph, Marc Laniel
Forwards: Warren Babe, Rob Brown, Rob DiMaio, Theoren Fleury, Jody Hull, Mark Pederson
Head coach: Dave Chambers

In addition, Denis Potvin, a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame who played junior hockey with the Ottawa 67’s, was introduced as a charter member of the TCAA. Potvin played for Team Canada on three occasions, at the 1976 and 1981 Canada Cups and at the 1986 IIHF World Championship. He played his entire NHL career with the New York Islanders, helping the team win four consecutive Stanley Cups (1979-83).

“I will always cherish my experiences with Team Canada as some of the best times of my life,” says Potvin. “The association will give all former players, coaches and support staff the chance to re-connect and share some of our favourite memories.”

One alumnus of Canada’s National Women’s Team – Susan Scherer – and three players from Canada’s National Sledge Team – Jean Labonté, Hervé Lord and Todd Nicholson – were also introduced at the press conference as charter members of the TCAA.

The TCAA was put together by a number of Team Canada alumni. Andrews, the catalyst for the TCAA, served 10 years on the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association’s development council. He also coached Canada’s 1982 National Men’s Under-18 Team and was an assistant coach at Canada’s Olympic team training camp in 1985.

I also found this story from the Toronto Star:

Theoren Fleury and Rob Brown, members of the 1988 team that won gold in Moscow, remember tougher culinary times.

"We ate food and we had no idea what it was," Brown said of the team's 15 days in Russia. "We were covering everything in ketchup.

"Before we played against he Russians, the trainers made us mac and cheese and it was heaven. We drank Pepsi for breakfast, lunch and dinner because it was the only thing we knew what it was."

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Rusloc said...

I was the Russian guy who helped Canadians to win that year:

It's funny, the only thing Rob recalls is ugly Russian food, but I still like it. Even after 19 years in the US.

The most vivid memory I have about 1988 championship, is that all the guys smelled the same. Every time I open a Brut fragrance bottle, I think about Junior Team Canada!

I'll be happy if Theo, Jimmy, Joe, Adam and anyone else who might remember me get in touch. We might get together, since I am very close to you guys. I am in Seattle now, two hours drive from Vancouver, BC.

vadim @ zima.net