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December 25, 2012

Gordie Howe Had Christmas Spirit

Back in 2008 Evan Weiner of NHL.com talked with Bugsy Watson. The topic of Gordie Howe's Christmas cheer came up.
"Gordie? Every night playing with him you see him do different things," Watson said. "I guess in Toronto where he beat (Maple Leafs defenseman) Kent Douglas twice and then going in, because he was kind of going bald, he always had a long piece of hair that came down to his eye and he had to move the hair out of his eye, and he stickhandled past Johnny Bower and tucked it into the top shelf with one hand."

Scoring the goal, though, was not enough for Howe.

"He was trying to get it (the hair) out of his eyes," Watson said. "We all laughed about it and then he wished Johnny Bower a Merry Christmas, to which Johnny chased him halfway to the blue line because Johnny was so mad at him."
Get yourself a glass of eggnog and check out the full story.

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