August 16, 2008

Greatest Photos In Hockey History
#18 - Bobby Clarke's Toothless Grin

It is a very stereotyped but strangely endearing image of hockey - missing teeth.

Perhaps no photo better captures this unique hockey sentiment than Bobby Clarke's toothless grin.

Full Bobby Clarke Biography


Gary Bellman said...

Bobby Clarke. Tireless. Diabetic. Relentless. Fiery. Leader.
Winner. "Hockey with a Grin".

What a career this guy has had: from the front of the net to the front office, the penalty box to the owner's box.

We all knew what he did to Kharlamov and we were pretty certain of the effect it had on THE series, but we mostly kind of looked at that from an angle and never really talked about it except in a "Ya, but those Russian guys..." sort of way.

And there were more than a few of us who loved the way the Flyers won their Cups. Interestingly, it was the Canadiens who stopped the Philly run. The Canadiens who had such respect for the Russians and their style of play. The Canadiens who just skated and skated.

And now there's Bobby the -- well regardless of what strange official title he has, it should just be "The Owner's Favourite". How else could he still be around after his comments on Steve Downie? Still gets his shots in, doesn't he?

What a career this guy's had.

Wonder what's next.

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of respect for Clark growing up but lost it when he broke Harlomov's ankle in the summit series....wrong, shame on you and John Ferguson. Great hockey player though.

vdkhanna said...

Absolutely love this photo!

Anonymous said...

I went to grade school with Wade Clarke (Bobby's son) and remember asking him if his dad's teeth were real. He said they were, but that they came out at Halloween!

Birdy1962 said...

As a Canadian kid of 10 who lived,breathed,and slept hockey, Bobby Clarke were GODS too me.Just under my parents at the time..:)