May 24, 2008

1992: Mario And Penguins Celebrate Second Cup

The year is 1992. It appears much like 1991. The Pittsburgh Penguins repeat as Stanley Cup champions. Mario Lemieux repeats as Conn Smythe trophy winner.

Great teams don't win the Stanley Cup once. Great teams win it several times in succession, or at least several times in several years. Teams like the New York Islanders, the Edmonton Oilers, and more than one generation of the Montreal Canadiens.

Great players don't win the Stanley Cup once. Great players lead their teams memorable championships. Players like Rocket Richard, Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzky and Patrick Roy.

In 1992, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Mario Lemieux entered the loftiest of stratospheres reserved for only the greatest of the greats.

After narrowly escaping Washington in a 7 game battle in round one, the Penguins had little trouble in defending their title. Lemieux led the way with 16 goals and 34 points. They were downright convincing in their 4 game Stanley Cup finals sweep against the Chicago Blackhawks. The Hawks were great that spring, and even held a 4-1 lead in game one against the Penguins. Somehow, the Penguins scratched their way back into the game, ending with another of Lemieux's magical moments:

With the comeback complete, the deflated Hawks never had a chance, though they did keep all the remaining losses closes.

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