May 21, 2008

1982: Cinderella Canucks No Match For Islanders

The year is 1982. It has been 65 years since the city of Vancouver celebrated their only Stanley Cup victory, courtesy of Cyclone Taylor and the Vancouver Millionaires. But the city came alive, energized with Towel Power, as the Vancouver Canucks made an unexpected Stanley Cup appearance.

Unfortunately for Vancouverites, the dynastic New York Islanders made sure the beautiful British Columbia city would have to continue their wait.

The Canucks Cinderella run to the finals was made easier by the fact that the Los Angeles Kings upset the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers would blow the biggest third period lead in NHL history and lose in overtime in what is forever remembered as the Miracle on Manchester. Wayne Gretzky's young gang would have to wait for another year to ascend to their undeniable throne.

History remembers the Canucks for coach Roger Nielson and the Towel Power incident, and for the spectacular goaltending of "King" Richard Brodeur. But the team was not exactly a one man show, not with the likes of Thomas Gradin, Stan Smyl and Tiger Williams leading a group of overachievers.

But the Canucks' lunch pail gang was no match for the mighty New York Islanders. Mike Bossy tore them apart, with 7 goals in the 4 game finals. He would lead all shooters with 17 goals, earning him the Conn Smythe trophy as the playoff MVP of 1982.

This video is for us long suffering Vancouver fans:

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