May 03, 2008

1957: Getting Used To Winning In Montreal

The year is 1957. The Montreal Canadiens win their second consecutive Stanley Cup championship and seventh in franchise history. Interestingly, all seven titles were finalized on home ice, spoiling the great fans of hockey's top city.

Montreal did not have to defend their title against their old nemesis, because the Boston Bruins upset the Detroit Red Wings in the semi-finals. Montreal knocked off the New York Rangers.

Anyone with a little sense of history about the Bruins-Canadiens rivalry knows the lopsidedness in which Montreal dominates Boston. 1957 was no different, as the Habs dusted their hands of the Bruins in 5 games.

Boom Boom Geoffrion leads the way with 4 goals and 6 points in the 5 game series. He led all playoff scorers in a total of 11 goals and 18 points. Three of his goals were game winners, while three of his assists set up three more game winners.

Maurice "Rocket" Richard scored 4 goals in the finals. Despite having bone chips removed from his elbow early in the season, Richard had another incredible season.

Jacques Plante led the defense, with a puny 1.00 GAA in the finals against the Bruins.

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