August 18, 2015

The Jim Enio Hockey Nickname Quiz

The man pictured to the right is Enio Sclisizzi, a career minor leaguer in the Original Six era who also got into 80-some NHL games with the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks.

As you probably have already concluded, Enio Sclisizzi's name was never easy to pronounce. Most of his friends and teammates called him Jim or Sils. Famed play by play broadcaster Foster Hewitt, famous for butchering a few names in his career, gave up and tagged him "Jim Enio"

In honor of "Jim Enio," I'm unveiling the NHL Nickname Challenge.

Can you name the NHL Legends behind the following nicknames? If you can't, just click on the link and learn all about 'em!

Boom Boom
Mr. Hockey
The Golden Jet
The Hammer
St. Patrick

Le Gros Bill
The China Wall
Le Petit Viking
Jake The Snake
The Popcorn Kid
Chicoutimi Cucumber
Sudden Death
Gratoony The Looney
The Little Ball Of Hate

Old Poison
The Stratford Streak
The Eel
The Gazelle
Praying Bennie
The Dipsy Doodle Dandy From Delisle
Apple Cheeks

By the way - One of my favorite nicknames from the past belonged to Alf Pike - The Embalmer.

Pike did not earn his nickname by being one of the game's great villains like you might expect. No, he came about his handle much more innocently and literally - he was a licensed mortician.

Share your favorite hockey nicknames past and present in the comments section!

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hockey kazi said...

Love reading your stuff. Here's a link to my blog post from Aug 14 2014.Hand written letter from Enio describing how he got his name. They sure don't have good names anymore.