April 29, 2016

Stanley Cup Flashbacks: 1938: Hawks Unlikeliest Of Stanley Cup Winners

Guest writer Jennifer Conway takes a look at the 1938 Stanley Cup champions - the 14-25-9 Chicago Blackhawks. With their .385 winning percentage, the low flying Hawks were without doubt the biggest Cinderella team in NHL history.

Something magical happened in the Windy City that spring. The team was a rag tag cast of characters, including 8 American players in an era when finding top quality American talent was hard to do. And just think, Major McLaughlin wanted his team stacked with nothing but American players.

And once the Hawks found themselves in the finals against the Toronto Maple Leafs, star goalie Mike Karakas had a broken toe. The Hawks summoned Alfie Moore from a bar stool in downtown Toronto to play for them, and somehow they won!

Be sure to check out Ms. Conway's first of what I hope are many guest pieces here at Greatest Hockey Legends.com. -- Full Story --

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