April 04, 2015

Meet Rabbit McVeigh and Bunny Larocque

I recently found this gem of an article from the archives at Time magazine. This piece, from 1941, looked at how the U.S. decision to create the draft act would affect profession sports. The article opened by talking about the little known Rabbit McVeigh:

"Pint-sized Charles ("Rabbit") McVeigh came home from World War I hard of hearing and full of fight. Like many another Canadian, he turned to U. S. hockey for a living. A star forward, the scrappy little fellow made a name for himself as a rough-&-tumble player, who never minded how big they came. Some time ago National Hockey League Linesman McVeigh, fractious as ever, called a close one on the Detroit Red Wings. Up streaked burly Ebbie Goodfellow, Red Wings captain, to give the umpire a piece of his mind. Calmly eying the big man hovering over him, McVeigh waited until he paused for breath, then let him have one. 'Listen!' said he icily, 'In the last war I got a dollar ten a day for killing big tramps like you!' "

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And, over at Montreal Canadiens Legends:

The back up goaltending position may be the most unheralded job in all of hockey. The back up often rarely plays, usually has to put in extra time at practice, and always has to be a good teammate. You have to remain incredibly positive. And when you do finally get that call to play, or god forbid take over because of injury, you have to play to best of your ability even if you haven't played in a month. And you almost never get a big game or a playoff contest.
Because it is such a tough position to excel in, back up goalies rarely last long. Some graduate to starting roles, while most are easily replaceable. To find a long term back up is rare. Michel Larocque is known as one of the best back ups in the game's history. But he is also know for his quirky name - Bunny Larocque!

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