January 29, 2008

Fleury Flurried Opponents

If you look up the word "flurry" in Roget's Online Thesaurus, synonyms include agitation, disturbance, excitement, hassle, hustle, bustle, unsettle and whirlwind.

He may spell his name differently, but Theoren Fleury sure lived up to his name's billing when he skated on NHL ice, now didn't he?

Mr. Fleury is the latest hockey legend to be profiled here, approximately the 640th player to be so honored. (I really do need to sit down and figure out just exactly how many I do have profiled here.)

The topic of his size always comes to the forefront when discussing the Oxbow, Saskatchewan born Fleury. Fleury was always the smallest player on any team he ever played on. He grew to be just 5'6" and played around 180lbs. Despite this he played with ferocious physicality. Grit and determination were his calling cards, even though he had the speed and skill to twice break the 100 point barrier.

It turned out his lack of size was the least of his battles in life, but through it all Fleury never gave up. He scratched and clawed for everything he has ever gotten. And though I know more than a few people grew to detest him, his story is actually quite an admirable tale.

Full Theoren Fleury Biography

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