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January 28, 2013

The First Rule Of Business

The first rule of business is always make your customers happy.

Tim Horton knew that. That's part of the reason why there is no bigger business success story in Canada than his donut/coffee chain that has become as much a part of the national fabric as hockey itself.

Tim Horton also knew a thing or two about hockey, especially the physical element of it. There were few who could thump an oncoming forward with as much physicality and efficiency as Horton.

Horton was once asked who was the hardest hitter in the league. He answered Boston Bruins pint sized defenseman Leo Boivin.

I was contacted yesterday by daily reader Bob Sohm. He wrote "I still visit the site daily it's great, but how about a profile of HOF'er, master of the hip and body check Leo Boivin."

Taking a page from Tim Horton's book of business success, I made sure to give my reader exactly what he wanted. Here's a complete profile of Leo Boivin.

And to hopefully impress my customers beyond expectations, I'm throwing in a couple of Timbits in for free. Make that "Leo"bits. Here's profiles on two more guys named Leo - Leo Reise Jr, and Leo "The Gazelle" Gravelle.

Three for the price of one, Bob!

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