December 01, 2007

Theoren Fleury's Concrete Idea

There was a time that Theoren Fleury was one of the most exciting guys on TV. And really, isn't sports the original reality TV?

Fleury was the only reason to watch the Calgary Flames for much of the 1990s. He was both fun to watch and great to hate. Boy what a pest he was. But what a skilled hockey player, too. I remember him starting many of the wars in the Battle of Alberta, and he sure put on the moves in the 2002 Olympics with Team Canada.

His heart was bigger than his body, perhaps his demons were the only thing bigger. Fleury apparently has done well to over come those personal battles, and now may be returning to reality TV.

From the National Post:

The newest project feature Fleury and his family in a reality TV series entitled Theoren Fleury: Rock Solid, centred around his Fleury's Concrete Coatings business in Calgary. Mike Lownsbrough's Straycatt Productions would produce and distribute the program.

The premise deals with the the day-to-day life of Fleury, his wife, two brothers, sister-in-law and a gang of cousins involved in the concrete business. A few driveways and the odd foundation served with a side dish of hockey anecdotes. Not exactly Iron Chef, but Fleury figures it's a recipe for success.

Look out Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osborne and Hulk Hogan. The little guy with big dreams and a can't-stop-me attitude is coming, apparently to Home And Garden Television.

Will it work? Well the concrete business is probably not the most glamorous industry for television, but neither was motorcycle customizing until American Chopper came along, and that's how Fleury is patterning his show after.

I'll probably check out the show, if only to satisfy my curiosity. I will definitely watch any episode that guest stars his Battle of Alberta co-hort who went by the nickname Cement Head.

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