December 13, 2007

Table Hockey Dreams

All the record books say that Wayne Gretzky scored 62 goals and 183 points in the 1986-87 season. Not in my record books though. My unofficial stats have The Great One equalling that production during the Christmas school break alone.

Of course, Jari Kurri scored more goals, because I had to pad Gretzky’s assists totals for realism. I had to put Dave Hunter on the left wing rather Mark Messier or Esa Tikkanen. The gears on the left winger of the new table hockey game I got for Christmas in 1986 never did work that well, so the stats I could produce were generously more suitable for a grinder like Hunter than Messier.

Every Christmas 100s or even 1000s of kids find a gigantic box under the Christmas tree. Their minds race as to what it could be. But for hockey fans, there is no question - it is a table hockey game.

The love of hockey is a funny thing. For me, table top rod hockey games allowed me bring my hockey dreams to life. I wrote about this last year, in one of my most popular reads ever.

With no further wait, let's rekindle those Table Hockey Dreams....

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