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December 26, 2007

My Hockey Rink Cribbage Board

I got a few hockey related items for Christmas this year. Martin Brodeur McFarlane figure, Original Six towels and a Vancouver Canucks nutcracker are amongst them, but nothing was cooler than my hockey rink cribbage board.

I'm by no means a great crib player, but I do play now and again. I think I'll have to be playing very soon with my new board, pictured above. From CribbageWorks, this crib board is shaped like a hockey rink, complete with a score board and hockey stick pieces. The two opponents place their marker in the center face off circle, and the first to deke through the defense and end up in the net wins the game! I think the off side blue line marks the skunk line.

Check out CribbageWorks' website for some more unique crib boards, including curling, golf, fishing and wildlife.

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