October 16, 2007

Hockey Blogs Power Rankings

Hockey blogs are a community. And as members of that community it is our duty to help out our fellow bloggers. With my traffic up nicely so far this season, I wanted to point out to all of my readers the blogs that I think are worth reading.

There's no shortage of great hockey blogs out there, and I've ranked my favorite blogs in my Hockey Blog Power Rankings. Ranked simply by personal preference, I keep this list on the right hand column, towards the bottom. Keep an eye on it as I will make additions as the season goes on.

Topping the list, as always, are my three favorite blogs: Lowetide, Kukla's Korner, and James Mirtle. These are must reads every single day for me.

Spector comes in at number 4. I'm not into trade rumors like so many people are, so I don't check his site as often as the aforementioned blogs. Realistically - his content and quality rank him with the top three easily.

I include Eric Duhatschek at #5. Realistically he's being penalized for being a professional. There's no better professional hockey writer in the world today than The Hat.

A newcomer, sort of, comes in at #6. I've been fortunate to know Lucas Aykroyd for sometime now, and he's got some real unique content. He's new to blogging, making him the best kept secret in hockey blogging.

I've included the folks from Orland Kurtenblog at #7. They're fascinatingly entertaining, and I was wowed when I learned the Vancouver Province adopted them for their website. Amazing success story here.

With the new uniforms and logos being unveiled, I think it is safe to say that over the course of the summer NHL Logos Blog got some serious attention. The site's archive is amazing, and the fan renditions of what could have or should have been done are amazing.

Robert over at Eyes On The Prize and Tyler over at NHL Digest are long time mainstays on my power ranking. They're going in interesting though opposite directions. Robert is refocusing on mostly Montreal content now, while Tyler is branching out and trying to cover as much of the NHL as he can. Both sites will be interesting to watch evolve.

I try to keep my blogging list free of the professionals, but like Eric Duhatschek Dave Stubbs and the boys at Habs Inside Out are just too good to not acknowledge.

On The Forecheck, Mike Chen and Tom Benjamin are also old standbys for me, but a newcomer is Hockey Narrative. I have just learned of this site but the writing and research is as deep as Team Canada's forward units. I expect this site to rank higher as the season goes on.

So Very Obsessed, The Hockey Rabbi, Jes Golbez, Jamie Fitzpatrick, and A Theory of Ice round out my listing. All are capable of great posts, but I don't read them as regularly as the others. Part of it is lack of time. Hopefully these girls and guys can recapture my attention on a more regular basis this season.

By the way, below the Hockey Blog Power Rankings on the right hand column are other hockey links that are worthy of note, in my opinion. I really need to expand this collection, but be sure to check out these sites as well:

* Biskit Art
* Remembering NHL Power Players
* NHL Numbers
* Canadiens Memorabilia
* Hockey History @ HF Boards


New York Islander Fan Central said...

I think you would enjoy our New York Islander Fan Central Site for content and quality.


HockeyTownTodd said...

Thanks joe, there are a couple on that list that I am looking forward to exploring.