October 10, 2007

Hockey and DUI

From Buzzle.com

* 2007: Rob Ramage found guilty of 5 charges including impaired driving, dangerous driving causing death and causing bodily harm. Sentencing awaits.

* 2007: Mark Bell receives 6 month sentence for impaired driving. Also suspended by NHL for 15 games.

* 2007: Jay Bouwmeester pleads guilty to impaired driving. He receives a $1000 fine and suspended Canadian driver's license for one year.

* 2003: Chicago Blackhawks captain Alex Zhamnov was placed on court supervision for one year and community service for pleading guilty to driving under the influence

* 2002: Peter Worrell of the Florida Panthers is sentenced to 10 days in jail and his license is suspended five years for driving under the influence.

* 2001: Sergei Fedorov is ordered under court supervision for one year and community service for impaired driving. Eddie Shack is fined $1,000 for driving under the influence after a charity golf event.

* 1999: Steve Chiasson crashes on his way home from a team party is killed. His blood-alcohol level is more than three times the legal limit.

* 1995: Dominik Hasek is fined $850 and community service for a drunk driving conviction.

* 1994: Chris Pronger, Bobby Hull, and Paul Holmgren score a hat trick of drunk driving convictions.

* 1993: Edmonton Oilers Dave Hunter serves seven days in jail for his third impaired driving conviction in six months.

* 1990: Mike Keenan is fined $550 and given a year's court supervision for a drunk driving charge.

* 1989: Peter Klima spends 35 days behind bars for drinking and driving.

* 1987: Calgary Flame Jamie Macoun is charged with drinking and driving after losing control of his sports car. The charge is reduced to dangerous driving and he pays $1000 fine.

* 1986: Miroslav Frycer of the Toronto Maple Leafs spends 14 days in the slammer for his second impaired driving conviction.

* 1986-1994: Bob Probert is arrested five times for impaired driving. He spends several months in jail and in rehab, but continues his NHL career.

* 1985: Pelle Lindbergh dies from injuries when his Porsche slammed into a wall. He had been drinking at a team function.

* 1984: Craig MacTavish leaves a nightclub intoxicated and kills a woman. He pleads guilty to vehicular homicide and spends a year in jail.

* 1974: Tim Horton gets behind the wheel while intoxicated and is killed when he loses control.


vdkhanna said...

One case your missed was Former US Olympian Jim Craig.......involved in vehicular homicide back sometime in the '80s (I wanna say after his brief NHL career?)

Amyk63 said...

Jim Craig was not driving drunk. Do a little research before you say such a inflammatory thing. See Below:

Jim Craig accident
Yes, on May 31, 1982 he was involved in a car accident that resulted in a woman's death. He was not intoxicated. The accident happened on a wet roadway and his car crossed the center line.

Here's the story from the NY Times:

Jim Craig, the goaltender on the United States' gold-medal 1980 Olympic hockey team, was issued a citation today charging him with driving to endanger after an accident on a rain-slicked highway that left one woman dead and another critically injured, the police said.

Margaret Curry, 29 years old, of New Bedford, Mass., a passenger in the car that was involved in a collision with Craig's car, was killed.

Another passenger was hospitalized in critical condition and the driver of the other car was treated at a hospital and released.

The police said there was no indication that Craig had been drinking. Craig, 24, who was alone in his car, refused medical treatment. Craig, a resident of North Easton, Mass., played with the Boston Bruin farm team at Erie, Pa., last season.

Peter Clarke said...

Just because the police in 1982 said a star athlete involved in an accident wasn't drinking doesn't make it true. He was drunk and should have gone to jail.

John Gelmon said...

How do you know he was drunk. He was acquitted of vehicular homicide?

Anonymous said...

He was a national hero so they glossed it over. Just ask the local police who were there. It must still haunt him.

John Gelmon said...

Did you ask the local police? Not fair to make assumptions. As far as we know, as the official word states, he was not drunk and was innocent of all charges. And he wasn’t even charged with drunk driving. So he gets the benefit of the doubt, as he’s entitled to.