Oddball stories from the Canada Cup

Over at my book's website I have two sections of interesting stories posted about the history of the Canada Cup/World Cup of Hockey:

Past Heroes of the Canada Cup

The Tragic Life and Death of Evgeny Belosheikin
Meet The American Paul Henderson - Tony Amonte
KLM Line
Dominated World Stage
Not Bad For A Fridge Repairman - Vladimir Dzurilla
Most Popular Player in 1976 Wasn't Canadian - Borje Salming
Mike Liut
Was Never Forgiven
Canadian Nemesis and Unlikeliest of Heroes - Vladislav Tretiak
A Hero In Two Countries - Peter Stastny
The Canada Cup Was Alan Eagleson's Show
The German Goalie From Winnipeg - Karl Friesen
It's A Great Day For Hockey - Bob Johnson
Mike Richter
Stole World Cup Victory

You can also find a lot of oddball stories in the history of the Canada Cup, such as:

Wayne Gretzky Peed His Pants In 1987
Two Team Canadas In 1991?
A Swedish Female Coach For Team Canada '76?
Team Canada snubs Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau
Team Quebec in 1981?