June 02, 2007

Ottawa Fan Attended 1927 Stanley Cup Finals Game

I knew the mainstream media would find someone who attended the last Stanley Cup finals game played in Ottawa. The list of candidates must be extraordinarily small, after all the last time the Cup was played for on the nation's capital's ice it was 80 years ago.

But 99 year old Russell Williams was there.

When Mr. Williams thinks 1927, he thinks of the night of Thursday, April 14, 1927 -- the night the Senators last won the Stanley Cup -- and he knows exactly where he was.

He was in the seats that night, two rows from the top, on the east side of the Auditorium, Archie Campbell, his boss at Nepean Sandstone Quarries seated right beside him.

Born Feb. 6, 1908, Mr. Williams was all of 19.

"I guess it's the greatest sporting event I was ever at," he said.

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