June 17, 2007

NHL Draft History

Year by Year Draft Capsules 1963 - 1984
All Time 1st Overall Draft Selections
Best Players Never Drafted
Infamous Draft Trades

I have completed my year by year draft capsule history through 1984. Unfortunately time will not allow me to complete much more, at least not for this year's draft. I had hoped to go up to around 1990, figuring history still is being written with any draft class more current than that.

The major reason I did not get those drafts done is a) I'm taking a break and going camping for a couple of days this week and b) as I've worked on each draft capsule I've gone through my files and hurriedly completed 35 new biographies for the website. Again, I had hope to have added even more, but I did not allow for enough time.

For my loyal readers, the new profiles are Brad Park, Battleship Kelly, Garry Monahan, Don Luce, Pierre Bouchard, Phil Russell, Jim Schoenfeld, Bill Barber, Blaine Stoughton, Mike Palmateer, Rick Chartraw, Pierre Larouche, Wilf Paiement, Mike Liut, Barry Beck, Chris Nilan, Tom Laidlaw, Bob Froese, Steve Payne, Larry Playfair, Steve Tambellini, Tim Watters, Mats Naslund, Tomas Jonsson, Rick Vaive, Rob Ramage, Andy Brickley, Andy Moog, Doug Lidster, Jim Fox, Doug Wickenheiser, Doug Smith, Mike Ridley, Tim Kerr, and Illka Sinisalo,

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