May 30, 2007

Sens and Ducks original goalies both named Hebert

The Ottawa Senators and Anaheim Ducks share a few things in common, the most important being their place in the 2007 Stanley Cup finals.

But here's an interesting coincidence: Each franchise featured goaltenders named Hebert in their inaugural season.

You likely remember the Ducks Guy Hebert, an American goalie who accepted the Canadianized/hockeyized pronunciation of his name to rhyme with Giguere, as in Jean Sebastien Giguere who eventually took over Guy Hebert's starting role with the Ducks. Guy Hebert was the Ducks workhorse from their debut season in 1993 through a late season trade in 2001.

Sun Media's Alex Hebert writes about his granddad, Sammy Hebert, who played for the Senators in their inaugural NHL season in 1917-18. Statistical records are quite sketchy, but it appears he played in a grand total of 10 minutes that season, as the legendary Clint Benedict was the Sens regular goaltender. Hebert would finish the season with the Toronto Arenas.

Scary thing for Anaheim - Ottawa's Hebert loved two other things besides hockey - music and duck hunting.

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Anonymous said...

Guy Hebert was waived, not traded.