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April 20, 2007

NHL Playoff Legends - Lanny McDonald

Lanny McDonald was an above average player who raised his game to new heights come spring and Stanley Cup playoff time. Even though he once scored 10 goals and 17 points in 9 playoff games back in 1977 with Toronto, his undying image will always be as a bushy-faced, over-the-hill fourth liner scoring the big goal to finally capture the Stanley Cup.

"I scored my first goal ever in the National Hockey League in the Montreal Forum. And I scored my last goal in my final game, again, in the Montreal Forum. I was part of the on-ice lineup for that winning game and we were the only team other than the Canadiens ever to win the Stanley Cup on Forum ice."

That game would prove to be Lanny McDonald's final NHL contest. He retired as a Stanley Cup champion, and by doing so cemented his legacy as a NHL playoff legend.

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