April 13, 2007

NHL Playoff Legends - Claude Lemieux

It's playoff time, and you know somewhere Claude Lemieux has the itch.

A pesky, nasty, often down right dirty player, Claude Lemieux was one of the most villainous characters of the 1980s and 1990s. Fans all around the league, especially in Detroit, hated the guy with a passion.

No matter how much you despised him, deep down you had to admire him. He ranks as one of the truly great players in Stanley Cup playoff history.

With 19 game winning playoff goals, only bettered by Wayne Gretzky and Brett Hull, Lemieux led 4 teams to Stanley Cup titles - the 1986 Montreal Canadiens, the 1995 New Jersey Devils, the 1996 Colorado Avalanche and the 2000 New Jersey Devils. In 1995 he was named as the playoffs most valuable player, winning the Conn Smythe Trophy.

An above average regular season player, he raised his game in the playoffs, scoring career numbers like 80 goals and 158 points that surrounds him with Hall of Fame peers.

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