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April 11, 2007

NHL Playoff Legend Of A Different Kind

Proving just how hard is to accurately breakdown NHL playoff match-ups, TSN has brought back Maggie The Monkey to outsmart NHL "experts" like Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, Jeremy Roenick and Darren Pang.

Maggie, who spins a wheel after careful consideration and statistical analysis of each playoff match up, has consistently done better than many experts, myself included.

Maggie earned acclaim in 2003 after her first appearance on TSN, correctly predicting the Anaheim Ducks would advance all the way to the Stanley Cup Final.

Last season, Maggie went an impressive 9 - 6 record of predicting playoff winners, including correctly predicting an Edmonton-Carolina final.

This season Maggie likes Detroit, Vancouver, Minnesota and Nashville in the west, and Buffalo, New Jersey, Atlanta and Pittsburgh in the east. All TSN experts picks can be seen here.

If monkeys spinning wheels isn't your thing, maybe you'd me more interested in The Hockey News' featured guest - WWE grappler Edge. Adam Copeland, as he's known at his mom's house in southern Ontario, likes Vancouver and Buffalo

Joe Pelletier's 2007 NHL Playoff Predictions

By the way, I know every blogger out there is busy making their predictions today, but I will refrain. Honestly, its too close to call in most series. Besides, I'm the hockey history blogger. I specialize in the past, not the future! :-)

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