March 13, 2007

Baby Faced Assassins

What could 1970's NY Rangers/LA Kings star Ted Irvine and WWE grappler Chris Jericho possibly have in common?

Irvine, a spirited, hard working role player who endeared himself to fans, is Y2J's father. Oh, and they also shared a showman's flare. Ted with "The Irvine Shuffle" and Chris with "The Walls of Jericho," amongst many others.

So for all you "Jericholics" and "Irvine-maniacs," say your prayers, eat your vitamins and read this biography of father and son. Irvine's career is covered, as are his thoughts on his son's career. Jericho ways in on his dad, as well.

By the way, hockey and wrestling have long had a crossover history. From Montreal Canadiens Jean Pusie to Mean Gene Okerlund's son playing for the NY Islanders, I would like to get into this more in a future piece.

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