January 17, 2007

Eyes On Hockey History

Reality Check's blog Eyes On The Prize looks at the Montreal Canadiens quest to regain the Stanley Cup, but he has an obvious interest in hockey history as well. He has posted his most recent sojourn into the world of hockey history online. He found some interesting links and photos.

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Reality Check said...

Thank-you, Joe!

I am absolutely flattered that your site would link to me.

The history of the game of hockey is so compelling and extremely well represented here. It's a favorite resource of mine, and for my friends as well.

If I could toss away clocks and schedules and work I'd get lost in here - and love it.

My site tends to look forward and look back all at once. Gled you noted that!

It's a funny coincidence - your favorite team beat mine tonight!

With that, I lost a bet with a blogger and was in the process of linking to you once again as part of the deal.

When I do posts that look towards history, you can be assured that I will always point my readers to you.

I enjoy communicating with those who have an appreciation of this great games history. Along with it, younger folks tend to blog, and its fun and educational to pass stuff along.

I just latched onto Andrew Podnieks great book "Lord Stanley's Cup" - there are a dozen great stories per page!

I have lots more to get into real soon - and I can't hardly wait! With site meter's telling me that my blogs traffic is doubling by the month, I'm pretty primed to get into lots of interesting stuff.

Keep up the great work, Joe.

And long live "King Richard Brodeur!"