January 13, 2007

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NHL.com's Evan Weiner uncovers the truth behind Patrick Roy's little known nickname - casseau. Turns out Sylvain Lefebvre (remember him!) tagged him forever after seeing a young Roy dressed in a suit too big. Casseau is the French word for the square cardboard containers French fries are served in. Hey, if the French have a word for that, why don't the English?

ESPN.com's George Johnson is impressed by this years Sabres and Ducks, but he will always remember the Montreal Canadiens of the late 1970s as the greatest team of all time. Nice article.

I never saw him play, but he's one of my favorites of all time. Windsor Star reporter/hockey historian Bob Duff catches up with Marcel Pronovost. From what I can decipher, Marcel Pronovost was comparable to today's Ed Jovanovski.

Yutaka Fukufuji has now officially arrived in the NHL, finishing off the Kings game vs. St. Louis, making him the first Japanese player in NHL history. When he was called up a couple of weeks back, I took a brief look at the history of hockey in Japan.

What's coming next week at Legends of Hockey Network?
Last week I went pretty old school with Larry Aurie, Johnny Bucyk, Ferny Flaman, Jean Pusie, Herb Cain, Camille "The Eel" Henry, and the unrelated goaltender Sugar Jim Henry.

This week I want to go after more recent players. Right now I'm finishing up biographies on "King" Richard Brodeur and Brian Bradley. I'm hoping to get Rick Middleton closer to completion, too. I have a lot of ends to tidy up to do here at the Network, but fresh content will be delivered daily as always!

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