January 22, 2007

1979 Challenge Cup - Run Over By The Big Red Machine

E.M. Swift wrote an article in the February 19th, 1979 Sports Illustrated titled Run Over By The Big Red Machine.
The Soviet National Team flew home as champions of the hockey world after making so much borscht of the NHL All Stars, routing them 6-0 in the finale of the three game Challenge Cup series and leaving all of Canada in shock.

Late last Sunday night, Boris Mikhailov, the small clear-eyed, crooked-nosed captain of the Soviet National Hockey Team, raised a single finger, wagged it in the direction of the Godfather of Canadian Hockey, Alan Eagleson, and proceeded to utter the stunning words that no Canadian thought he would ever hear. "Soviets: one," Mikhailov said, smiling. He raised a second finger. "Kanadski: two."

Right you are Boris. In hockey Canada is now No. 2.
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