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December 18, 2006

Corson sets the record straight

Once considered as an example of the ultimate team player, Shayne Corson was a tough as nails competitor who would do whatever it took to win. He was one guy you wanted as your teammate. One player you definitely wanted to go to battle beside, not against. An all star and Canadian Olympian, Corson was a solid player better remembered for his grit and for never backing down from anyone or anything.

Unfortunately Corson's legacy is forever tainted. Unthinkably he ended his career by walking out on his Toronto Maple Leafs teammates during a playoff series in 2003. Baseless and false rumours ran rampant about him being a cancer in the dressing room and even sleeping with a teammate's wife.

Shayne Corson is now setting the record straight. Via Sportsnet.ca's Audio/Video features, Corson has revealed the torturous demons he has faced in the past 4 years. Uncontrollable anxiety attacks, which finally have been controlled via medical treatments, ruined his career and his personal life. Its a down right scary tale he tells, including thoughts of suicide.

Shayne Corson was a great hockey player and he deserves to be remembered as the fearless competitor and the ultimate teammate that he was. Hopefully spreading this video feed will restore his legacy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Shayne Corson is a caring compassionate person. Shayne has helped champion the Start Talking Campaign to break the stigma of mental health. Shayne has done a lot of positive since he retired and he should be remembered as a warrior on the ice.

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