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August 17, 2017

Jacques Plante's Hockey Card Poses

In many ways the 1950s was a grand ol' age of goaltending. Jacques Plante, Terry Sawchuk, Glenn Hall, Harry Lumley, Gump Worsley, and Al Rollins all dominated. Gerry MacNeil, Sugar Jim Henry, and by the end of the decade Johnny Bower also made notable contributions. 

But that was the NHL. When it came to kids hockey, coaching remained almost non-existent. No one really understood the position, so often kids were left to their own devices.

With television still in it's infancy, a lot of young puckstoppers relied on photos to worship and emulate their padded heroes. And in hockey that means hockey cards.

I wonder how many kids of the 1950s used these Jacques Plante hockey cards to learn their craft:

Now by today's standards Plante's demonstrated goaltending techniques (not to mention his archaic equipment) are pretty antiquated. There's no way a goaltender would play like this anymore.

But I bet there was a time when a lot of young goalies played like this all the time. And they probably had a wonderful time doing it.


John Verruso said...

I cannot watch a hockey game on television without screaming at both goaltenders "GET OFF YOUR KNEES AND STAND UP!"

Anonymous said...

Brodeur might!

Dan said...

I can tell you when I was still using the world's oldest chest protector I played like that.

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