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April 04, 2010

Beliveau Could Fire The Puck

When you think of heavy shooters for the Montreal Canadiens, you think of names like Rocket Richard and Boom Boom Geoffrion.

Make no mistake though, Jean Beliveau had a heck of a shot, too.

Jacques Beauchamp, a sportswriter for the French newspaper Montreal Matin used to don the goalie pads and take to the nets during the Canadiens' practice.

Of all the shooters he face, he feared Beliveau the most. One day he mentioned this to all time great Terry Sawchuk, who was in town to play against the Habs.

"Whenever Beliveau shoots," explained Beauchamp, "I just stick out my stick and close my eyes."

"I've got news for you," replied Sawchuk. "We all do."

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