January 18, 2008

Hockey's No Better

News of the day has former NHL defenseman Rob Ramage sentenced to four years in prison as the result of a fatal drunken driving accident.

Also recently the news has former San Jose prospect Eric Laplante sentenced to 9 years in jail for manslaughter and former NHLer Jere Karalahti up on aggravated drug crimes.

Throw in Rick Tocchet's gambling problems, Mark Bell's DUI charges, suspicions of Russian mafia influences, NHLPA corruption and Graham James, and gee, maybe hockey isn't full of model citizens after all.

The hockey community loves to hero worship clean cut hockey players. There is no steroid scandal as in baseball, or gang banging and point shaving and rape cases as in basketball or dog fighting and weapons charges and murder as in football. Or at least that is what has always been trumpeted.

Well obviously there are plenty of off-ice black eyes for hockey, too.

99% of hockey players are great guys. But same goes for basketball, football and baseball players. Remember that the next time someone falls on hard times in any sport.

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