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July 26, 2007

Dave Poulin To Find New NHLPA Leader

A search firm has been hired by the NHL Players' Association to help find its next leader.

The NHLPA's search committee announced Wednesday that it has selected Reilly Partners, an executive search firm out of Chicago, to assist in the process of hiring a new executive director.

The search committee will work closely with Reilly firm consultants, Robert Reilly Jr. and Dave Poulin, a former NHLer who played 13 seasons with Philadelphia, Boston and Washington. He was an active union member in his time.

"After reviewing several search firms we felt that the Reilly Partners firm was the best fit for the NHLPA," said Cammalleri. "Dave Poulin's experience as a former NHLPA member will certainly be valuable during this important process."

Dave Poulin was one of my favorite players in his day. In the profile I prepared of him I said:

"Dave Poulin was one of the best hockey players of the 1980s. Problem was not many people knew it then, and few remember that now.

"Poulin was a great hockey player. He didn't score many goals and when he did they weren't pretty. He was an unheralded defensive center who was always shadowing the opposition's top gun. He was always on the ice when the game was on the line, taking key faceoffs and blocking point shots. He was the ultimate team player who was never fully appreciated by the fans or media when he played, and will likely be forgotten about over time."

Read the full Dave Poulin biography.

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